Thursday, March 28, 2013

Europe Haul: Makeup and Nail Polish

Today, I want to show you the makeup and nail polish I bought on my trip to Europe! I was really excited to get my hands on some products that aren't available in the U.S. One brand I was really excited to check out was Kiko. It's a makeup store based in Milan that has drugstore prices. I've seen their polishes on some international nail polish blogs and popped in to 2 different locations in Rome to pick up these products.

First, I bought 3 nail polishes:
 336, 295, 343

...and on my second trip, I picked up two of their Ultra Glossy Stylo lip colors:
808 and 817

I checked out this second brand, Inglot in Coin, which is an Italian department store. They have a big range of products, but I decided to stick with a couple eye shadows and their magnetic palette:
31 and 423

I picked up three Sleek palettes, one in a Sephora in Milan, and the other two in Superdrug in London:
Original palette
Storm palette
Showstoppers palette

Another item I got in the Sephora in Milan was this Loreal nail polish. I've never seen these small polish bottles in the U.S. so I took a look and picked my favorite:

916 Confettis

Lastly are some more Superdrug purchases in London. I had to pick up a couple Barry M nail polishes since I've heard great things:

Pink Flamingo and Blue Moon

and a Gosh lipstick:

Hope you enjoyed seeing the makeup I bought on my trip! Tomorrow I'll show you the jewelry and purses I picked up.

<3 Katie


  1. I love the cosmetics you bought! That's a pretty cool idea, a better souvenir than things that will just sit around.

  2. Looks FAb!! Can't wait to see how nice the lip colors are in photos.

    Have a Great Easter Weekend!!


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