Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All About Stripes

I have another real life friend for you today- Lindsay! Lindsay's style is all about casual and comfortable. Here she is in two of her favorite outfits for spring, both incorporating stripes!


If you took a quick glimpse of my closet, you could probably tell that I'm a fan of stripes all year round. But I'm excited to trade in black and gray for brighter colors this spring!

Top, jeans, and sandals: Old Navy, Necklace: Ily Couture
Top: TJ Maxx, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Audrey Brooke

Spring is my favorite season, so it was hard to pick one trend. I also love girly floral and lace!


Thanks for letting me take your pics, Lindsay! (Thank you for putting up with my photo shoot antics, Katie!)

<3 Katie


  1. Love stripes. I can't get enough of them. Following you on Bloglovin. I would really appreciate it if you followed me as well. Thanks.


  2. I am addicted to stripes--dresses, curtains, mouse pads...love them.

  3. You have so many great guest bloggers Katie:)! Hope you're enjoying your vaca:)!

  4. You have a very stylish friend! My friends would kill me if I post their photos in a blog! They are all to shy!
    Brujaness, Brujaness Fb


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