Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Bought This Month: April Haul

April was the month of revamping my work wardrobe. I was in desperate need of some pants and skirts that were cute AND actually fit me. I got some great basic black pieces and some fun patterned ones as well. I'm feeling a lot better about getting dressed for work in the mornings now too!

Budget status= $82 over. Since I bought quite a bit of work clothes and have worn each piece multiple times already, I'm not stressing. If I had been able to resist my blue Zara bag (total impulse buy), I would have been right on budget. Buuut I love that bag and have carried it almost every day since I bought it, so I'm not stressing about that either.

Here are the details:

1. Gray Tee (H&M)- A great basic tee. I want to get this in the other colors as well since I love the fit. Worn here and here.

2. Fuschia Clutch (Target)- After seeing so much "radiant orchid" out there, I figured I might as well pick up something in that shade as well. This clutch fit the bill. I decided to cut the straps off to make it clutch rather than a crossbody. This is a really fun bag for spring and summer nights out.

3. Striped Pocket Dress (Gap, sold out)- This dress is a great replica for a Club Monaco one I didn't want to splurge on a year ago. Its perfect for the weekends and really easy to dress up or down. Worn here.

4. Striped Pencil Skirt (Ann Taylor)- I love the colors in this skirt and it fits me perfectly. I purchased it during a 40% off promo so the price was good too! Worn here.

5. Blue Pants (H&M)- These pants were a great addition to my work and casual wardrobes. They are so comfortable- I feel like I'm in pajamas at work! Worn here and here.

6. Tuxedo Trousers (H&M)- I realized I didn't have black pants for work that fit me anymore, so I picked these up for under $30. I really like the satin stripe down the side. It's my interpretation of the sporty trend that has been so popular lately. Worn here.

7. Medallion Pencil Skirt (J.Crew, on sale)- I snagged this baby for $25 on the clearance rack in store, and I was pretty proud of myself! It's still $90 online, so if you are thinking of purchasing it, definitely check out your local store first. It was marked down to $39.99 and then I got 40% off on top of that!

8. Black Pencil Skirt (H&M)- This is a great basic I wanted to add to my work wardrobe since I didn't have a good black pencil skirt. I'm not sure how I've gone this many years without one!

9. Striped Shirt Dress (Old Navy, sold out)- I really like this dress, but on me, it's kind of a meh. It's longer than I want it to be. I think I just haven't found the best way to style it yet.

10. Pink Slingback Heels (Asos)- One morning before work, I thought to myself how nice it would be to have some baby pink pumps to match my outfit better, but had to settle on some nude ones. Later that day, I saw these on Whowhatwear and bought them immediately! I love anything baby pink for spring, as evidenced by my past three hauls. These are great for work since they have a short heel, and they make my outfits just a touch more girly.

11. Blue Bag (Zara)- My favorite spring bag. Honestly, I have carried this one twice as much as my Coach and Kate Spade bags. Maybe my designer handbag obsession wasn't as practical as I tried to convince myself it was, ha! Seen here, here, and here.

12. Lace Sport Top, not pictured (HRH Collection)- This was my first purchase from Alex's collection and I really like it. I've followed her on Youtube for a couple of years and I really like her easy, mix and match style. I haven't worn it yet, but I have grand plans for this top!

13. Floral Dress, not pictured (Belk, sold out)- I returned the Jessica Simpson sandals I bought with my Belk gift card last month and exchanged them for my Easter dress (on instagram here, I couldn't find it online). I am really happy with this dress and am planning on wearing it to a friend's wedding in a couple weekends. I'll get some pictures for the blog when I wear it again.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Leopard and Leather

Tee- H&M, Vest- c/o Aeropostale, Skirt- c/o Aeropostale, Sandals- Old Navy (similar), Sunglasses- similar, Bag- Target (similar), Necklace- Just Svara

I love this wall. I drive by all the time and I knew one day, I'd have to shoot in front of it after I found the perfect outfit. But what outfit would look good in front of a red, orange, pink an yellow wall? A black and white one, that's what.

I have been looking for a white leather jacket for a few months now. I bought one in January, but I ended up listing it on Poshmark because it didn't fit me quite right. I did recently purchase another one, but its already too hot to wear it! Enter this white leather vest. I love the moto style of it, and for faux leather, it's relatively thin so I can get some wear out of it before the heat of summer. To balance my leather layer on top, I paired my vest with a flowy circle skirt in a fun print. And of course, my yellow crossbody added just the right pop of color (to match my outfit and the wall!).

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Work Wear: Tuxedo Trousers

Blazer- Primark (similar), Tee- H&M, Pants- H&M, Heels- Target, Necklace- Mindy Mae's Market, Bag- Mango (similar)

I'm still in the process of revamping and remixing my work wardrobe. It's funny to think that when I first starting working full time after college, I wore boot cut dress pants in black, gray, and navy. All the time. I remember wearing a teal shirt with my black pants one day, and one of my coworkers said, "Wow, you're wearing color! You always wear black, white and gray." I caught me a little off guard because I thought my work wear was a little more fun than that. After transitioning into a new role at my job, one where I could stop wearing pantyhose and start wearing open toed shoes, I began to get a little, no, a LOT more adventurous with color.

While I have certainly been wearing more color, I'm fully aware that this outfit is in fact, black, white and gray. Regardless, it's still a major upgrade from what I wore four years ago. I've gotten rid of all my boot cut dress pants and traded them for slim cut, straight leg trousers. These black tuxedo trousers are a little more interesting with satin stripes down the sides. They are also more high-waisted than what I've worn in the past. And for my blazer? This white ruched sleeve blazer is so much better than the stuffy gray version I used to wear that was half of the suit I bought for job interviews. I skipped the button-up blouse and went with an easy gray tee to finish the look.

I'm guest posting on Carylee's blog today, so head over there to see two more ways I styled my gray tee!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Sweater- J.Crew, Scarf- c/o Aeropostale, Jeans- American Eagle, Sandals- Old Navy (similar), Sunglasses- similar

I took a couple days off work last week to relax and hang with the bf. Of course with two whole days ahead of us, I had to get in some outfit photos! Thursday, we went out to the harbor in Rockwall, TX and we snapped these photos right on the water. It was a cloudy day and the water wasn't quite blue, but it was still nice to be outside.

My white and gray outfit went right along with the cloudiness of the day, so I spiced it up a bit with this scarf from Aeropostale. I love the tribal patter and little pops of neon it added. Its thin enough that it was perfect on a 70 degree day and didn't make me too hot (cause we all know nobody needs to wear a scarf in Texas in April). I also have to mention this sweater- it's my absolute FAVORITE for spring as well because it's light and loose. It's on major markdown right now with an extra 30% off, so grab yourself one before its too late! I have it in tan as well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Graphic Tee Print Mix

Jacket- Gap (similar), Tee- J.Crew, Pants- H&M, Heels- Michael Antonio, Bag- Kate Spade, Necklace- Forever 21 (similar), Watch- Fossil

As promised, here is the second way I styled these easy breezy trousers. I was going out to dinner the day that I wore these to work, and something told me not to throw on my typical skinny jeans and heels outfit when I got home. I love the idea of pairing a graphic tee with printed bottoms, and this was my chance to try it out. I ended up really liking this combo since it felt a little different than something I would normally wear.

I think a little bit of hemming is in order for these pants, though. I'm not liking the way they cap off my ankles. Why is it that every pair of pants I buy is one inch too long!? I need to invest in a sewing machine.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Work Wear: Fancy Pants

 Blazer- Primark (similar), Blouse- Express, Pants- H&M, Heels- Charlotte Russe (similar), Bag- Coach, Necklace- Baublebar (similar), Watch- Fossil

A couple weeks back, I posted three outfit ideas for work, along with the promise that I'd try them out ASAP. This is my first real life version of those looks.

These pants. are. SO. COMFY! I'm so glad I stumbled across these drapey trousers at H&M. Okay, so maybe they slightly resemble pajama pants, but with the addition of a blazer, I felt perfectly dressed up enough for my business casual workplace. I'm pretty sure my coworkers agreed. I didn't even get any "you're wearing that?!" looks, at least. 

After work, I normally change into comfy clothes, or jeans if I'm going out somewhere. But the day I wore these pants? I didn't want to take them off. I threw on a t-shirt and a different pair of sandals and I was set for dinner out. (You can catch that look here next week.)

So here's my advice. If you want to be incredibly comfortable in your nine to five, snatch up a pair of loose fitting trousers. Even some with a drawstring like mine. Pair them with a structured top or blazer to combat the flowiness on bottom, and voila. Most comfortable work outfit, ever.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inspired by Alexa

Jacket- H&M (similar on sale $44), Sweater- Old Navy (similar on sale $17), Shirt- Target, Skirt- Peter Pilotto for Target, Heels- Charlotte Russe (identical)

Before shopping the Peter Pilotto for Target collection, I had decided on the red printed wrap skirt. Until I saw Alexa Chung wearing the black one, that is. I figured the black was more wearable anyway, and I loved how she paired it with a pastel sweater. I meant to recreate this outfit so many times, but after hanging my skirt in a random place in my closet, I never saw it, so I never wore it.

Well, thank goodness for the random cold Sunday we had this weekend. I figured it was finally time to break out this skirt for church, AND it was cold enough to pair it my own pastel blue sweater. I added a white button up underneath just because it felt right. I didn't need tights, and I opted for white shoes instead of black to make it a little more spring-like.

If you missed out on the Peter Pilotto collection, check your store's clearance racks. I found several items from the collection there over the weekend. I also found some other printed wrap skirts on the web, all under $40!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Work Wear: A New Skirt

Blazer- Gap (similar), Blouse- Asos (similar), Skirt- Ann Taylor, Sandals- Zara (similar), Bag- Zara, Bracelet- identical

After keeping track of my clothing purchases for three months in a row, I realized that I really don't like spending money on work clothes. I'd so much rather buy a dress or a skirt to wear on the weekends, or a cute pair of not-so-work-appropriate heels. But spending all my money on things I wear two days out of the week instead of the other five left me really wishing I had some new skirts and pants to play with. I'm trying to spice things up a bit to keep from getting bored!

This striped skirt seemed like a great piece to invest in, and since I got it 40% off, it wasn't even quite an investment. I love the colors in it and figured it would be really easy to match with tops I already own. But when I tried to pick a top to pair it with, I got stuck. Apparently I reallllly like printed tops, almost as much as I like printed bottoms. I weeded through all of my patterned tops and finally settled on this one- a very classic, feminine, and professional piece. My favorite navy blazer was the perfect finishing touch. What I ended up with was a much cuter version of what I've been wearing, and something I felt a lot more confident in!

I used to post work outfits on a weekly basis, and I'm going to make an attempt to get back to that as motivation to keep finding ways to enjoy my 9 to 5 looks a little more.

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