Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What I Bought This Month: November Haul

See, I told you I was coat obsessed. It's a problem, I know. I have a goal to limit clothes shopping to a minimum for the rest of the year. Wish me luck.

Here are the details:

1. Jeweled Sweatshirt (Ann Taylor) - I love a good bejeweled number, especially from the clearance rack.

2. Jeggings (Gap) - I scored these for $16 and they are basically the only jeans I've worn all month. Worn here.

3. Black Coat (Forever 21) - A replacement for the black peacoat I've had since high school. That thing needs to go.

4. Aztec Coat (Target)- Worn here.

5. Colorblock Coat (Piperlime) - This reminded me of a collarless version of the colorblocked cocoon coats from J.Crew for a fraction of the price! I love the pink sleeves.

6. Tan Sweater (Forever 21) - A great cable knit sweater. I want more colors! Worn here.

7. Black Boots (Forever 21) - I bought a pair of black boots last fall, but I don't love them. These are much closer to the Rag & Bone dupes I've been searching for and they are incredibly comfy. Worn here.

8. Plaid Lace Top (JOA via Lord & Taylor) - I've been stalking this top for a while and grabbed it for 20% off at Lord & Taylor after it was already marked down.

9. Olive Coat (Forever 21) - This is less of a coat, more of a jacket. The faux fur lining in the hood makes it look thicker than it is. I LOVE this. Its under $30 and also comes in navy. Worn here.

10. Gray Sweater (Forever 21) - Favorite sweater purchase ever. I may need to get the burgundy one too... Worn here.

11. Knit Trench (Forever 21) - This is a fun, drapey layering piece.

12. Collared Top (J.Crew Factory) - I love a good Peter Pan collar.

13. Olive Boots (Forever 21) - When you love something, get it in multiple colors. Worn here.

14. Plaid Scarf (J.Crew Factory) - I have a gray plaid scarf and I thought a buffalo plaid one would be a nice addition to my closet.

15. Gray Coat (Old Navy) - I realized all the coats I own are longer than hip length, and this one just felt to different and cool. It is so cute on! Got it for 50% off. (No joke, the "50% off outerwear" text from Old Navy got me out of bed by 9:30 on a Saturday. Ridiculous, I know.)

16. Mixed Media Sweater (Piperlime) - Despite mixed reviews, I thought this was cute enough to give it a try. I love the mix of knit, faux suede and faux fur!

17. Wrap Coat (Forever 21) - I have been wanting a wrap coat for a while and this one is a really cute affordable option.

18. Plaid Skirt (Banana Republic) - I joked about plaid skirts in this post, and then I bought one! This one is a little more fashion forward though, and perfect for the holidays!

19. Tribal Print Clutch (Forever 21) - I threw this in my cart when I ordered the wrap coat. I'll get more use out of it in the summer I think. Its a really nice size.

20. Plaid Shirt (J.Crew Factory) - The perfect plaid shirt. Duh.

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I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have some exciting posts coming up next week, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Aztec Printed

Coat- Target, Sweater- Forever 21, Jeans- Gap, Boots- Forever 21, Bag- Michael Kors

Please tell me I'm not the only person who has an obsession with a particular article of clothing or accessory that doesn't work well for the climate you live in or for your lifestyle. What I'm getting at is that I LOVE buying coats. I don't even want to count how many I have because its embarrassing. The reason why this is a particularly worthless obsession is that I live in Texas. We get maybe 3 months of coat-appropriate weather, maybe. And yet, every fall (before it ever gets the slightest bit cold) I go into a coat obsessed frenzy! You saw my September haul post where I bought not one, but two coats. I'll let you in on a little secret- my November haul contains several more coats...Embarrassing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Varsity Sweater

Sweater- c/o Oasap, Jeans- Forever 21 (similar), Boots- Forever 21, Bag- Old Navy

This Oasap sweater gives off the old-school cheerleader vibe with its striped detail, and I'm digging it. If only I had paired it with a pleated plaid mini skirt...Ha! That look is one I am not dying to recreate. But I have been talking about how I'm all about the sporty details this season, and this piece falls right in line. I kept it simple with all black everything else and of course, dark lipstick and nails.

I always find it interesting to find out a blogger's height. When you only ever see them in pictures alone, its hard to tell how tall someone is. I am 5'3" and I have pretty curvy thighs for my height. Anything I can do to make my legs seem longer, I'm all for it. Tucking black skinny jeans into black boots? I think its a definite leg-lenghtener.

By the way, this sweater is one size fits all and I find it perfectly oversized on me. It also comes in black, which I also love!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Double Windowpane

Dress (worn as top)- Forever 21 (similar top), Skirt- Forever 21, Jacket- H&M (similar), Heels- Express, Earrings- Forever 21 (similar)

I became slightly obsessed with windowpane print last fall (exhibits A, BC, and D) and I'm still in love! What better way to celebrate my love for this print than by wearing two versions of it. I haven't mixed prints in a while, but this match seemed too perfect not to try. Even though the prints are identical, the fact that one is in a much larger scale makes it work. It's still not quite cold in Texas, so I threw on my little leather jacket on top only to realize I totally didn't need it. I'm told we are getting a cold front tonight...and I hope we do. I have been buying too many sweaters and coats and I'm desperate to wear them!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Menswear Inspired

Top- Francesca's, Blouse- Forever 21 (similar), Jeans- Forever 21, Heels- Express

I've been loving menswear inspired looks this season. These jeans- love them! They fit perfectly and that little white stripe is all you need to add a bit of tuxedo-inspired sophistication to a simple look. The houndstooth pattern on the cropped top adds to the menswear vibe, along with the stiff collar on the shirt underneath.

When I first saw that mules were a "thing," I hated them. But after seeing them around for a while, they kinda grew on me. I love that these look like a simple pair of black pumps I could wear everyday, just without a back on them. And the heel may look high, but these are so comfortable! I have been wearing them a ton to work and haven't had any problem walking in them all day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I Bought This Month: October Haul

I have a major obsession with Forever 21. #Sorrynotsorry. I know some people like to hate on it, and yes, maybe I am 26, but I don't care. They are killing it with their outerwear and sweaters this season. I'm not going to make any arguments for the quality of their pieces, because yes, sometimes it isn't the greatest. But when they have a 20% off promo code and I can get tons of stuff for the price one one dress at Zara? Yes, please. Apparently I prefer quantity over quality, though I'm making sure the items I ordered are able to handle a bit of wear and tear before I decide to keep them.

Budget status= I haven't been keeping track. It's because I know I went over and I don't wanna know by how much. But since I've been getting most of it from Forever 21, it can't be that bad.

Here are the details:

1. Black Jeans (Forever 21) - These aren't the exact ones I got, but they are close. A nice dupe for those cute Topshop jeans with rips in the knees, and the ones I got are very soft and stretchy. Worn here.

2. Black Waffle Sweater (Forever 21) - How did I not have a solid black sweater until now? And this one was $16. Perfect.

3. Black Hat (Target) - I have this hat in brown and love it, so I picked up the black too. Worn here, here.

4. Windowpane Skirt (Forever 21) - This purchase was inspired by Laura. Full outfit post coming soon, but you can see how I wore it here.

5. Black Mules (Express) - In LOVE with these! So comfy! Worn here.

6. Bucket Bag (Old Navy) - My everyday bag this fall. Seen here, here, and here.

7. Cracked Leather Heels (Piperlime) - Worn here.

8. Cream Sweater (Forever 21) - If you didn't already notice, I'm stocking up on solid colored sweaters for layering. Too bad it still isn't cold enough outside to wear them.

9. Gray Tee (Target) - The perfect little gray tee. Worn here.

10. Gray Lace Sweater (Forever 21) - Totally in love with this sweater. Totally. Worn here.

11. Striped Button Up (Old Navy) - Worn here.

12. Lavender Blazer (Forever 21) - I have grand plans for this blazer. Worn here.

13. Maroon Dress (Forever 21) - This dress has a story behind it that you can read here. Whoop!

14. Gray Waffle Sweater (Forever 21) - Another solid sweater in a color I didn't own.

15. Chambray Shirt (H&M) - Worn here. Please ignore that my "selfie mirror" at work is so dirty. Don't these people know I need that thing for instagram #OOTD's?!

16. Gray Bell Skirt (H&M) - Worn here.

17. Tan Blazer (H&M, sold out) - Worn here.

18. Fringe Bag (Forever 21) - Haven't carried this yet. Probably should have returned it, but I'm sure I've missed the return period. Now I must make myself carry it! I do like it.

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