Friday, May 30, 2014

What I Bought This Month: May Haul

Y'all, I'm not even going to pretend that I stayed on budget this month. I guess it was the warm weather getting to my head that gave me "buy all the things" syndrome. I didn't even completely tally up all my purchases yet because I'm nervous. And also, what's pictured above isn't even all of it.... so yeah. This month, I decided to show everything I've worn so far, and then post the rest in June.

My plan is to go on a shopping ban for June and July. I am going to total everything up eventually so I'll know what I spent, but I'm pretty sure that if I lump May, June, and July's budget together, I'll break even. I won't lie, I'm embarrassed to post this since I've previously posted a series about shopping your own closetshopping on a budget, and being a smart shopper. I need to learn to take my own advice!

As for what I've been buying? A lot of white, blue, and floral. Oh, and sandals. Lots of sandals.

Here are the details:

1. White Bow Tank (Forever 21)- All I want to wear lately are white tops! Worn here.

2. Navy Lace Skirt (H&M, sold out)- I love this skirt. I wish it was still available online so all of you could get it too! Worn here.

3. White Skirt (Nordstrom, sold out)- Loving this skirt too. It's different that my typical pencil skirt cut and I love that about it. Worn here.

4. Statement Necklace (Baublebar, sold out)- When I bought this necklace, I wasn't sure how much I'd get to wear it, but it actually matches everything! Worn here.

5. Floral Maxi Dress (Forever 21)- Worn here.

6. Red Striped Tee (J.Crew Factory)- Totally necessary for all the nautical inspired outfits I plan to wear for summer. (Well, maybe not totally necessary, but I totally wanted this tee.) Worn here.

7. Nude Heels (Zara)- Somehow I didn't really own any plain nude heels! These are great and pretty comfortable considering the heel height. Worn here, here.

8. White Shorts (Old Navy)- I bought white chino shorts from J.Crew, but they were completely see through! It surprised me that these were much higher quality. I'm really tempted to buy these in baby pink and baby blue too. Worn here.

9. White Bucket Bag (Lori's Shoes)- Love, love, love this bag. It fits everything and I love that it's white. Seen here, here.

10. Perforated Sandals (Lulu's, same here)- I first purchased these in white, but realized I had another very similar pair. So, logically, I bought them in nude...even though I bought two other pairs of nude sandals this month...hmmmm. But at least I love them all. Worn here.

11. Boyfriend Jeans (Forever 21, sold out)- These are the perfect boyfriend jeans, found unexpectedly at Forever 21! Worn here.

12. Embellished Sandals (Just Fab)- Worn here.

13. Floral Skirt (Forever 21)- Worn here.

14. Chambray Shirt (Sosie, sold out)- I own like eight chambray shirts...but the sheer floral sleeves on this one are so fun! Worn here.

15. Blue Tee (J.Crew)- Worn here.

16. Tan Sandals (DSW)- Yes, I bought three pairs of nude heeled sandals in one month, but these are great for more casual occasions and are incredibly comfortable since they have a block heel. Worn here.

17. Fedora (Forever 21)- I wasn't sure I could pull off a fedora, but it was only $7, so I decided to try it. I've already worn it several times! Worn herehere.

18. Gray Sweater (J.Crew)- I already owned the tan version of this and I love it, so I got the gray as well on super sale. Worn here.

19. Blush Skirt (Sosie)- I haven't bought as much pink lately, but I couldn't resist this fun blush flared skirt. Worn here.

20. Blush Leather Jacket (Sosie)- ...also couldn't resist this blush leather jacket! Worn here.

21. Aztec Sandals (Target)- These will be super cute with a basic solid tee and shorts for the summer.

22. Sandals (Old Navy)- I was so bored of my two and three year old basic braided strap Target sandals, so I got these in black and tan. Unfortunately both colors are sold out online.

So there you have it. My very poor justification of why I purchased all of this stuff.

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  1. I didn't even completely tally up all my purchases yet because I'm nervous. And also, what's pictured above isn't even all of it.... so yeah. This month, I decided to show everything I've worn so far, and then post the rest in June.

  2. I totally feel your pain, Katie! May was just..ugh. I managed to squeeze all my purchases into the last week and a half, which is doubly annoying.. then again, I'm on a mini-cation in Hamburg, so I feel like a liiittle bit of spending is alright ;) I'll totally join you on the shopping ban for June/July, though! I have one more purchase that will happen on Monday, but after that, let's go cold turkey! Strength in numbers and all ;) hugs! xx

  3. I agree, I blew a hole in my wallet this past month! I was just celebrating the end of the school year… Love your new pieces!

    Strawberry Chic

  4. As always I love every single pair of shoes you get!

  5. Cute skirts, all of them!

  6. Loving the navy lace skirt!!!!!


  7. OMG Katie you got so MANY Beautiful Things. Love it all especially ALL of the shoes, the maxi dress and the chambray button-down with the floral sleeves. Looking forward to seeing how you style all of these. =)

  8. So every month I think I will be better this month and not shop, but then something happens and I lose my mind and I buy lots of things. I can't seem to control myself. I must say, you made some really fantastic purchases this month! Love the floral maxi, and that Bauble Bar necklace is fab. And I adore all of the shoes!


  9. you got so many great deals! i have been searching for a red and white striped top like that aghh i want it!

  10. I have "buy all the things" syndrome as well. I'm in the same boat as you - need to learn to restrain myself!! All of the pieces you got are so lovely. I especially love the floral skirt and striped top.


  11. What a great shopping month you had! Even if you did go overboard, all of your pieces are stunning and enviable.

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Every time I see those Aztec sandals at Target, I think about buying them...I just need to do it because they're so cute! :)

  13. i bought all the things last month too. i love what you got! looks so summery, and loving the blush leather jacket, chambray, and striped tops you picked! :)


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