Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shopping Ban

One of my New Year's resolutions was to try my luck with a shopping ban. From January through March, I am only allowing myself to buy the essentials (I'll explain what that means here in a bit). Here's why I decided to try out a ban:
  1. I want to reduce the amount I spend on clothes.
  2. My closet is overflowing. When I moved into my new place over the summer, my closet space was cut in half. Not only do I not need anything new, but I am in the process of getting rid of anything that doesn't fit my style anymore.
  3. I am going on a trip to Europe in March, and I plan to do most of my spring shopping in London and Paris (so stinking excited for this!!) I am currently saving money for my big trip.
So how is it possible to accomplish a shopping ban?

  • Avoid the mall! This one is a little tricky considering I live right across the street from my favorite mall. The only way to keep this ban going is to avoid that place like the plague! I also have to stay away from stores like Target, because, if you are anything like me, you know how hard it is to walk out with only the item you went in for.
  • Have a goal. In this case, my goal is my trip to Europe. If I'm ever tempted to buy a new pair of shoes or a new sweater, I ask myself, "Would I rather have these shoes, or would I rather buy more in Europe?" That usually is enough to convince me to to put whatever is tempting me back on the rack and walk away.
  • Shop your closet. I read a lot of fashion blogs and spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest, so I use these to get ideas for more ways to wear the pieces I already have.
  • Get help from your friends so they can help remind you if you get carried away.

I can't begin to give advice on this subject unless I let you in on how its been going for me. This month, I have allowed myself to buy some essentials for my trip- t-shirts, leggings, and other staple clothing items that will be good for travel. I am backpacking through Europe (or "backpacking in style" as I like to call it), so I will be packing as lightly as possible. I also caved (oops!) and bought 2 tops during a J. Crew Factory sale that were majorly marked down. They were really reasonably priced ($10 and $25 each) and are pieces I can carry through to my spring and summer wardrobe.

So there you have it! Just a little insight and some tips on how I plan to successfully complete my shopping ban. Stay tuned in a couple months for my European haul!

I'll leave you with a quick OOTD:

Sweater- Forever 21 (similar), Tank- Forever 21, Leggings- Seven (similar), Boots- Charlotte Russe

<3 Katie


  1. First I have to say 'you are really brave!'. No shopping for three months? Honestly, I think I would parish lol. But congrats to you! That's such a serious and awesome goal!!! And good luck and have a ton of fun in Europe. Before I got pregnant that was one of my goals. Now I just have to wait till my son is old enough to keep up backpacking lol.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Redheaded Daybook

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Its tough, but it will feel like such a great accomplishment afterwards. :)

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Totally love that sweater, Katie!! Am so jealous that you'll be "backpacking in style" in Europe come March!




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