Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I Bought This Month: October Haul

I have a major obsession with Forever 21. #Sorrynotsorry. I know some people like to hate on it, and yes, maybe I am 26, but I don't care. They are killing it with their outerwear and sweaters this season. I'm not going to make any arguments for the quality of their pieces, because yes, sometimes it isn't the greatest. But when they have a 20% off promo code and I can get tons of stuff for the price one one dress at Zara? Yes, please. Apparently I prefer quantity over quality, though I'm making sure the items I ordered are able to handle a bit of wear and tear before I decide to keep them.

Budget status= I haven't been keeping track. It's because I know I went over and I don't wanna know by how much. But since I've been getting most of it from Forever 21, it can't be that bad.

Here are the details:

1. Black Jeans (Forever 21) - These aren't the exact ones I got, but they are close. A nice dupe for those cute Topshop jeans with rips in the knees, and the ones I got are very soft and stretchy. Worn here.

2. Black Waffle Sweater (Forever 21) - How did I not have a solid black sweater until now? And this one was $16. Perfect.

3. Black Hat (Target) - I have this hat in brown and love it, so I picked up the black too. Worn here, here.

4. Windowpane Skirt (Forever 21) - This purchase was inspired by Laura. Full outfit post coming soon, but you can see how I wore it here.

5. Black Mules (Express) - In LOVE with these! So comfy! Worn here.

6. Bucket Bag (Old Navy) - My everyday bag this fall. Seen here, here, and here.

7. Cracked Leather Heels (Piperlime) - Worn here.

8. Cream Sweater (Forever 21) - If you didn't already notice, I'm stocking up on solid colored sweaters for layering. Too bad it still isn't cold enough outside to wear them.

9. Gray Tee (Target) - The perfect little gray tee. Worn here.

10. Gray Lace Sweater (Forever 21) - Totally in love with this sweater. Totally. Worn here.

11. Striped Button Up (Old Navy) - Worn here.

12. Lavender Blazer (Forever 21) - I have grand plans for this blazer. Worn here.

13. Maroon Dress (Forever 21) - This dress has a story behind it that you can read here. Whoop!

14. Gray Waffle Sweater (Forever 21) - Another solid sweater in a color I didn't own.

15. Chambray Shirt (H&M) - Worn here. Please ignore that my "selfie mirror" at work is so dirty. Don't these people know I need that thing for instagram #OOTD's?!

16. Gray Bell Skirt (H&M) - Worn here.

17. Tan Blazer (H&M, sold out) - Worn here.

18. Fringe Bag (Forever 21) - Haven't carried this yet. Probably should have returned it, but I'm sure I've missed the return period. Now I must make myself carry it! I do like it.

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