Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wheeler Dealer

Top- Piperlime (similar), Jacket- H&M, Jeans- c/o Aeropostale, Heels- Asos

So spring kinda already sprung last week in Dallas. We're talking 70 degrees and sunny. I am all for that, but sometimes I just want to be able to wear a jacket. Does that make any sense? I'm sure people who still have snow are wondering what my problem is. I just love coats and jackets and have quite a few, and I really want to get a chance to wear them. When you go from 40 degrees to 70, you skip light jacket weather and go straight to short sleeves (#texasgirlproblems). I don't know why I'm even complaining, because I'll wear my leather jacket regardless. At least after it gets dark and a little chilly out, it kinda makes sense...

Now I have to tell you the story of this top. I frequently set up sale alerts on Shopstyle so I get an email if item gets marked down. This top was originally $60. Thanks, but no thanks. When it was marked down to $39.99, I decided to go ahead and buy it since I had a 15% off code and $20 in rewards to spend. The next day, I get an email from Piperlime that they had 40% off their sale items. I hate when that happens.

As my mom says, I am a "wheeler dealer," and probably not even a good one. If I buy something and later see it on sale within the exchange period, I've been known to buy a second one and return the first. Apparently I hadn't ever heard of price adjustments before (turns out, a lot of stores do them). This time, I decided to just make the call to customer service and ask for the extra 40% off the item. Well, the girl I spoke with was super nice, but she couldn't get the price adjustment to work. She did give me a 15% off code that could be used in combination with any other promos they had going on, so that was nice.

But I didn't stop there. I realized that I could get the shirt for $19 with the new 40% off promo, so I bought a second one... one day after I bought the first one. And then I immediately thought, "I paid less out of pocket on the first one with my Gap rewards, why did I just buy another?" I'm crazy, that's why.

Both the shirts arrived on the same day, and I immediately re-packaged the second one for a return. And then I checked to see if the shirt was still in stock at the sale price (now, it was marked down to $23.99). I returned the first one too. As soon as the return was processed and my rewards were back in my account, I bought the shirt a third time. This time for only $5.92.  Normally I would call that a success, but the whole deal was kind of a hassle. I do really like this top, though.

If you got through all of that, you now have a little insight into the mind of a frantic online shopper such as myself. A little scary huh?

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  1. Haha that is an amazing story! Way to stick with it, Katie! Yes, it does sound stressful, but seriously, 5.92?! WOW! And here I was feeling proud for saving 40€ on the jacket I mentioned in my last comment.. you're definitely a much savvier shopper!

  2. That is so funny! I would say you got a great deal! This top is super cute!

  3. Love the leather jacket!!

    xo - Sheila

  4. Thanks Charlene! I don't know if its awesome or just plain silly, but at least I got the top I wanted after all! :)

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wondered if anyone would even care to read my story, but hey, we all have to laugh at ourselves from time to time :) I may be savvy but I'm also obsessive when I find something I want, haha!

  6. Hey- whatever works, girlfriend. A fashion blogger's gotta do what a fashion blogger's gotta do. (And just women in general, you know.) You look gorgeous! :)


  7. I love that top and it was worth the hassle.



  8. LOVE this outfit..i literally just posted a dress equivalent of that top! same stripes and colours, they're my favourite! But now i want a top version so i can rock it just like this haha! xx

  9. This outfit is absolute perfection! I have serious striped shirt envy, too.

  10. I loved your black and blue striped dress too! It really is a great color combo :)


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