Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Lookbook: Cocktail Party

Dress- Lulu's, Coat- Asos, Heels- GoJane
When I shop for fancy dresses, my eyes always gravitate toward the full sequin sheaths that are, of course, made of spandex and skintight. Sequins+spandex does not work for my body type and I always end up looking bigger than I am. With this LDB, I still get the effect of sequins on the fun criss-cross straps, and the thicker black fabric is actually slimming. I feel much more confident in this dress than in those full sequin numbers! The beauty of wearing a black and gold dress is that you can have fun with your outerwear, which is why I chose to wear my leopard faux fur coat on top. Faux fur is really in for party wear this season! (See here, here, and here.) I finished off the look with glittery gold heeled sandals.

Bracelets- J.Crew Factory. Francesca's
No need for a necklace with this dress, and when attempting to wear dangly earrings, it was just too much. Instead, I focused on sparkly arm candy. I couldn't do without earrings completely, so I wore my favorite little gold hammered studs that I got on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence this spring.

Clutch- Francesca's
A little gold clutch went perfectly with my outfit. The embellishments on the front flap make it feel a little special. It also has a gold chain strap, so I don't have to carry in in my hands all night.

I see a lot of updos and think, "I'd like to recreate that." But when I try, it's a major fail! Enter this 
super easy look that only requires a curling iron, a few bobby pins, and hairspray. All I had to do was curl my hair as usual, then pull all the hair to one side. I pinned it to the side with the guidance of this youtube video (she has AMAZING hair tutorials) to make sure I got it right. The spray and you're done!

I wanted to stick with something easy but impactful for my makeup as well. I started with a highly-pigmented teal shimmery shadow and applied it all over my lid. I created a rounded shape along the top edge just above my crease with a stiff brush. I skipped eyeliner so the teal shadow would really pop, and I applied some false lashes after clipping of the last 1/4 inch so they didn't completely overwhelm my eyes. I also popped a light gold shimmery shadow in my inner tear duct. Next I applied my favorite cinnamon colored blush to the apples of my cheeks. I finished with a wine colored lipstick.

For fancier occasions, I like to skip nail art and go with a solid polish color. I loved that this metallic teal polish matched my eyeshadow.

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  1. Love the neckline on this dress! Stopping by from the Trend Spin linkup
    xo Kate

  2. i am SOO sad i missed out on that ASOS coat! i wanted to buy it soo badly and had the chance to but don't know why i didnt!! love it!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. That coat is to die for! You look fabulous!

    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  4. This look is SO fabulous! It made me think of Cruela DeVille, but in the most haute couture way possible.. didn't Meryl Streep's editor from hell in The Devil Wears Prada also have a coat like this?! Whatever it is, you look AMAZING!

  5. A very pretty look. I love your hair and that clutch!

    Tracy Its Mostly About

  6. you look quite lovely! what a wonderful outfit!

  7. Head to toe perfection! So festive. Love that LBD on you, Katie!


  8. So glad to have you joining the holiday linkup! Every detail of your outfit and makeup is completely fabulous. I love the intricate details of the dress straps and the fun, bling-y shoes. And your teal nail polish is a great, unique choice as well. I'd always expect red/burgundy but I love the surprise there. Off to go check out your other holiday looks!

    On the Daily Express

  9. You look gorgeous!! Love this look!! I really want a leopard coat, but haven't found one yet. You look fantastic!


  10. Those shoes are gorgeous!! And I love the leopard coat with this. So perfect. You look stunning as usual!

    Visiting from the link-up!

  11. Wow gorgeous shoes, I really like all the detailing on the dress the clutch and your nails. Very well thought out and put together. Visiting from Style Sessions


    Ms Dee Kay

  12. Wow, there are just so many wonderful things about this outfit! And I *need* to try that side do! I've always wanted to try it - thanks for the link! You are so stunning, lady! And thank you for sharing this with the Holiday Style Linkup!

  13. Wow...I love all the details on this outfit! From the neckline to the shoes...it's subtle but really cute! Take care!

    Merrie @ www.PetiteCareerGirl.com

  14. I bought it on a whim but it had already gotten too warm to wear it! I was also nervous I wouldn't be able to style it without looking crazy, but I really liked it over the black dress :)

  15. Haha! I'm not sure about the coat in The Devil Wears Prada, but I'll have to watch it again to see! Thanks, Johanna! :)

  16. Thank you Nikki! I really lucked out with this leopard coat- it was on sale for $36 when I bought it! :)

  17. Thank you so much Jessi! You are so sweet :)

  18. Thanks so much Dee! I'm glad you stopped by :)

  19. Thank you so much Carylee! You definitely have to try out this hairdo- it's so easy! It would look so pretty on you!

  20. Thank you Merrie! Glad you stopped my my blog :)

  21. Welp, I tried my best! I wore it in my post yesterday and I love it! Will continue to play with it - I'm so glad you shared it! Thanks, lady!

  22. Gorgeous! I so want a leopard coat like that now.


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