Tuesday, June 18, 2013

7 Deadly Sins of Fashion

I saw a Julie G's on the 7 Deadly Sins of Fashion tag on YouTube and thought it would be fun to do. Today I'm exposing some of my fashion secrets and shopping tendencies, so keep reading!

1. Gluttony: What do you own in excess of extravagance in your closet?
The thing I have the most of are statement necklaces. I have so many that I'm starting to run out of room to store them. But does that stop me from buying more? Of course not :)

2. Greed: What type of clothing do you always have a desire to buy?
Lately its been casual dresses. They're all I want to wear this summer.

3. Sloth: When you are getting ready to go somewhere but feeling too lazy to find something to wear, what is your go-to outfit?
If I'm in a hurry or feeling lazy, I'll usually grab some form of skinny jeans/t-shirt combo. My shirt could be a Target v-neck, or one of my favorite basic striped tees.

4. Wrath: What makes you angry when shopping?
If I'm shopping, I'm generally a happy camper. A few annoyances would be if I wore uncomfortable shoes, can't find an item in my size, or when I go out looking for something specific and can't find anything that works.

5. Envy: Which celebrity's fashion sense or style do you most envy?
I love Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo's styles. If I had to pick another blogger's style it would be Gal Meets Glam or Pink Peonies.

6. Lust: Which store's outside appearance do you find most physically attractive, drawing you in?
Hands down J.Crew! But even though it might draw me in, I still never buy anything there (unless its a shirt that's 30% off the sale price! I bought one during their sale last Monday- coming up on the blog soon!)

7. Pride: Out of all the outfits you have put together, which are you most proud of?
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I'd love to see your answers, so if you decided to do this tag, be sure to let me know!

<3 Katie


  1. Well, I don't have a fashion blog, so I will just answer you here:
    1) I don't think I own anything in excess; I do, however, own a lot of clothes that I never wear, so I guess that counts?!
    2)BUY ALL THE THINGS! haha it's mostly high heels - I'm so tall, so there's no point because I can't walk in them, but they're so prettyyy..!
    3) Same for me! V-neck men's T from H&M and a pair of jeggings.
    4)With the height again: pants that are too short! And one store having completely different sizes in all their clothes (H&M is horrible at this) so you never know what size you need. And I couldn't agree more with your last one, so frustrating!
    5)Kate Beckinsale, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss; bloggers would be you, of course! ;) And Hello Fashion.
    6)In case you couldn't tell, I'm addicted to H&M - can't pass them up! Zara is usually really pretty, but their sizing is wayyy on the small side so I rarely go in.

    So now you know, whether you want to or not!;)

    PS: I added you to my Blog Love page - hope that's okay! :)

    1. Yay! I loved reading your answers! I totally agree about H&M sizing- its always off! Thanks for adding me to your Blog Love page- I'm so flattered! :)

  2. Great post Katie :)



  3. What a fun tag/post!

    I'm the same way re: statement necklaces. I have a ton and keep buying more. Can't. Stop.



    1. Thanks Ashley! Glad I'm not the only one :)

  4. This was so fun to read–great idea!

  5. Such a neat idea for a fashion post!

  6. Great post! Fab idea, it was a great read!

  7. Loved this so much! Ended up doing one of my own! Thanks for the inspiration!


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