Friday, June 27, 2014

What I Bought This Month- May Pt II and June Mini Haul

I told you guys last month that I was going to put myself on a shopping ban for June and July. Well...I did shop a bit. JustFab had a two for $40 promo going on and I had been lusting after these pink heels for a while, so I decided to pick them up, along with these tan mules that I think will make a great transition shoe from summer to fall. And then...the Zara sale happened...I don't think I have to explain why that one is hard to resist. I bought a couple of things that had been on my wishlist, but ended up only keeping two, the blue floral top, and striped tank. So I didn't go crazy. I didn't even spend half of my normal shopping budget, and I only placed two online orders this month. I'm going to count that as progress. The rest of what's pictured above is from my May shopping "spree."

I've had a lot going on recently, so I haven't been thinking about clothes and shopping as much. You know that one thing your mind always wanders to when you are bored? For me, that is shopping, hands down. Less free time=less shopping, which meant less blog posts since I didn't have a bunch of awesome new outfits I wanted to show you (and fewer comment replies...sorry guys...), and I even posted less on Instagram. To be honest, it felt really good not to be so clothes obsessed, though I have been feeling like all of my outfits are super boring. I need to work on remixing my closet into not just okay outfits, but one's I feel are blog-worthy. That's my goal for July (along with continuing the "shopping ban").

Here are the details:

1. Pink Bikini (Old Navy, top, bottom)- I've been wearing the same black bikini bottoms for years with mismatched tops, so figured it was finally time to get a matching one again.

2. Chambray Shorts (Forever 21, sold out)

3. Floral Tank (Forever 21)- worn here.

4. White Sandals (Mindy Mae's Market, sold out)- worn here.

5. Tulip Skirt (Asos)- I really like that this is a non-typical pencil skirt shape. So far I've only worn it work, but I have plans to wear it for a night out coming up. Worn here.

6. Floral Shorts (Nordstrom, sold out)- worn here.

7. White Skirt (Sosie)- I bought this skirt because it was on sale for less than $8. I can see why now, since its pretty sheer and hard to wear. I'm going to try it with a slip and see if I can make it work.

8. Denim Shorts (Old Navy)- I am in love with these shorts. I got them two sizes up to compensate for the two inch inseam. Worn here.

9. Denim Skirt (Old Navy)- I've bought several pieces this summer to wear as swimsuit cover ups or easy things to throw on after the pool. I really like the distressing on this skirt!

10. Tan Mule (JustFab)- Perfect for the summer to fall transition, even if it is months away.

11. Floral Skirt (Asos)- Apparently I've been on a blue floral print kick lately! Worn here.

12. White Dress (Old Navy)- The only thing I would change about this dress is the level of sheerness. Other than that, it's basically the perfect white dress for summer. Worn here.

13. Pink Dress (Nordstrom, sold out)- worn here.

14. Floral Top (Zara, sold out)- This top has a fun tulip back, and it sold out fast during the Zara sale! I'm glad I picked it up.

15. Mesh Crochet Top (Forever 21)- worn here.

16. Striped Tie Tank (Zara)- Another swim cover-up piece. I think it'll be perfect for the 4th of July.

17. Crop Top (Forever 21)- And yet another swim cover-up! I don't really see myself wearing crop tops in any other setting.

18. White Tee (Everlane)- This is the softest t-shirt I have ever bought! I want to pick up a couple more of these in different colors and styles.

19. Pink Sandals (JustFab)- These are the shoes that made it really hard to resist placing a JustFab order during the two for $40 promo. So fun!

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  1. That's awesome! I didn't curb one bit, even though I said I was unfortunately. Being busy does tie you up from shopping. My goal was to remix what I already had. I plan on trying again and taking more baby steps towards shopping less over all.

  2. Love the floral skirt!!!!!!


  3. I love all the blue floral patterns that you chose! I'm like you: shopping is my free time filler! I can definitely tell when I too much time to browse the sale racks :)

  4. I'm so glad you like the Everlane shirt - I LIVE in mine. I just want everyone to know how awesome they are!


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